«Timberline» is an energetic country rock band from the Bernese region of Switzerland. Six experienced musicians make up this band, which plays mostly original compositions that are catchy tunes people love. Infectious rock songs are combined with wonderful country ballads to inspire and thrill audiences in diverse local cultural centers as well as festivals.

At first the idea was to professionally record original compositions. Soon thereafter, innovative and dedicated musicians were found to join the band. After that the group began composing, texting, practicing and playing music together. In March 2013 the big day came, and the debut of the single, «Weekend» was celebrated. Under the name «Timberline» the prolific sextet began recording additional original compositions.

Parallel to recording music in its own studio, «Timberline» played numerous concerts, and in May 2015 the band celebrated the launch of its first album featuring eleven original songs. Following two and a half years on stage,«Timberline» can look back at fifty shows, including the Country Music Festival in Albisgütli, the Trucker and Country Festival in Interlaken and the Giverola Country Weeks in Spain.

Translated into English «Timberline» means timber or tree line. The Niesen is a mountain in the Bernese alps and this mountain’s silhouette is the design of the band’s logo, which is subdivided by the lettering of the band name. Above the tree line the rocks and boulders symbolize rock music while the rural or country green below it represents country songs. «Timberline» feels very much at home in this musical landscape.

Regula Bauriedl - Lead Vocals

Jean-Claude Loiola - Lead Guitar

Tinu Ruch - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Markus Wermuth - Keys

Beat Bösiger - Bass, Vocals, Band Leader, Songwriting, Producing

Patrick Schorer - Drums, Vocals