(C) Beat Boesiger / Tinu Ruch


Years ago

He was just another someone

Tryin’ to make it

In a lonesome shabby old town

All alone life seemed so complicated

Worked all day

He appeared so irritated

But when he hit the road on his bike

He felt that he was finally free


Decisions made

He started living on the highway

A cruising man

Who’s living his life’s dream

Day and night

His life is never boring

Ride the wind and rush

Into the next day’s morning


If only I could make him mine

Just hit the road and feel so fine

From East to West oh, that’s alright

I wanna be - I wanna be a rider’s bride




Join the ride

Drive to California

Free your mind

And the sun is always shining

The sunny side

Is here in California

Keep in mind

That the sun is always shining


Now that he is finally mine

We hit the road and feel so fine

California, oh that’s alright

I’m glad to be - I’m glad to be a rider’s bride


Now that we are finally one

Together we enjoy the sun

Clear blue sky, yeah that’s alright

I’m proud to be - I’m proud to be a rider’s bride