We present our first Linedance-Choreo "Weekend".

Download here.

The drum parts are recorded for our first album.

Pedal Steele and all vocals have finally been recorded as well !

Recordings with lead guitar went well too !

The rhythm guitar recordings are done !

The bassline is recorded as well !

Final drum recording for the EP.

Our gig on March 1st at the Aula Muehlematt in Belp was a great success - once again.

The "Mountain Project" (the roots of Timberline) has officially been completed. The second goal despite the formation of the group was to release a one track production. We proudly released our first single "Weekend".

We would like to thank all people involved in this project over the last two years. We also would like to thank all supporters who made this event so unique to us!!!

Your Timberliners

Also our second gig was a big success. Thanks to our crew and all our supporters who turned this evening into an unforgettable memory for us.

Our first gig is finally played. We once again would like to say thank you to the great crowd at Heimetli Pub, Belp.